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HDB is in charge with the planning and developing of public housing areas to give Singaporeans with excellent homes and peaceful environment. The HDB towns are has a variety of commercial, social and recreational establishments and services for the comfort of its residents because one of HDB’s main concerns is to make sure that they fulfill the adjusting needs of each individual. Through renewal and updating programs, the HDB provides new facilities to guarantee the town’s excitement. Interior design is a group of numerous but still connected tasks that includes transforming an interior area into an effective and lovely environment to live in.

What Makes HDB Renovation Different?

The demands of HDB interior design in apartments are quite exceptional. The interior designer has to be conscious and thoroughly knowledgeable of the regulations and precise rules associated to housing attained through the Housing and Development Board of Singapore. The modest size of several flats implies that the designer has to find a way to optimize the area and still give an attractive aspect to the whole apartment. Usually, extension of the floor plan is an element for consideration. Any other specific limitations and specifications that the board implemented with regard to designing have to be taken into account.

The apartments are all designed from identical floor plans thus making it difficult to produce individuality in each apartment. This places pressure on the interior designer to develop one unit with a unique look from the others. Mirrors can assist in making compact areas appear larger. Mirrors can also make a room look like that it is filled with more light thus making it seem bigger. Making use of smaller furniture without compromising comfort and ease is an additional way to increase the room’s space.

Additional Design Tips For HDB Apartments

The initial issue to do right after you obtain your keys to your new HDB flat is to take a seat and think about how much your price range is and what is the idea and designs that you wish your apartment have.

If there is no major remodeling operations that are involved then it is advised to take a look through home magazines and surf through design internet sites to get motivated and encourage incorporating the ideas to your home.

The color palette should remain constant all throughout the apartment. The bedroom is an area for relaxation and warm brown shades are ideal for peaceful nights. If you are using brown shades in the bedroom, the colors used in the other rooms should complement the hues in the bedroom.